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Prashant Vales Young Indian Entrepreneur

Prashant Vales is an Indian entrepreneur, founder of Vales group and a venture capitalist. His birthplace is Goa; he began his entrepreneurial journey 16 years ago made his debut in the Middle East. Prashant Vales has made a remarkable contribution in the educational field, with a view to disrupting the education space in India.


He is also the co-founder of Fusion Dynamics. He presumes that “The digital learning space for little children in India is an untapped market and we saw great potential for a children’s tab after observing how children instinctively take to technology.”  Fusion dynamic developed a tab for kids, where they can learn the alphabet, numbers, colours, poems, songs, listen to talking books and learn basic math concepts. As they grow older, children can read digital books, view laboratory experiments and download additional content from the net.


He focused on technology and data combination to help students and, to afford quality and promising education to tomorrow’s future. Being a venture capitalist he is a helping hand to many start-ups that has reached its growth stage, it’s most important requirement and is undoubtedly an auxiliary support for them.


Prashant Vales aspired to make education and technology to have an secure impact on students, established Vales group for Entrepreneurship which continues to be one of his notable achievements. He stepped into his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age has his experience behind him to distinguish the real creative minds who can work with passion and yield turbulent growth. His benevolent attitude towards everything has made him the most admired among his people.


Prashant Vales have a holistic approach towards environmental issues. Vales group is also concerned about preserving the forest and natural inheritance. They are looking for likeminded people to link up with them and set up a platform to save our mother earth. He believes that we should never forget to serve a responsibility to the earth and by that, it means keeping it safe and protecting its environment. Vales group is always ready to investment for impactful environment-based programs.



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